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                                      MASSIVE CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY 

so, it’s christmas and i asked my followers for their wishes/suggestions and here you are, i’ve done my best to fulfill your wishes :)

my 2nd Giveaway contains:

  • a oversized vintage sweater
  • another cropped sweater (from h&m, size S)
  • a wooly scarf in black (from forever21)
  • a red lace dress (from h&m, size S)
  • an orange zipper top (from topshop, size UK6)
  • a pair of white shorts (from zara, size M)
  • a cropped vest (from h&m, size S)
  • black/grey overknee socks (from calzedonia, ONE SIZE)
  • a playstation portable in white with charger
  • Assassins Creed Brotherhood (auditore Edition, xBox360)
  • Assassins Creed Revelations (collector Edition, Computer)
  • black glittery Naill polish (from Catrice)
  • black Eyeliner with brush 
  • black kajal (from catrice)
  • Brown Eyeshadow (MNY)
  • red lipstick (bonjours paris)

My Giveaway also contains:

  • a flower necklace (from forever21)
  • a pair of earrings (from forever21)
  • a wooly chain with christmas stars for decoration


  • a beanie with an elephant on it 

reblog as often as you like to,

make sure you are following me,

dont like this post.


i am not doing this for gaining followers or something else, 

i am doing this because i love my followers :)

this will end on the 2 nd february,

even if you dont need that warm cozy stuff no more, (because of that i’ve also put some shorts and that summery top in it) i am sure you want it.. :)

this is my christmas present for you,

there is one winner for everything (unless you dont want something, or you dont fit in something)

i love you all.

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